Construction information


Architects Kätlin Mänd and Anni Vanemb have designed energy-saving and compact apartment buildings characterised by a colour scheme and materials which blend into the surrounding nature perfectly. The layout of the apartments is thought-through and functional. The ground floor apartments have large terraces and all other apartments have a balcony.
Despite the similar construction style, the buildings will stand out among the other apartment buildings in the area. The façades of the houses are a combination of orange and yellow and white and grey concrete and are accentuated by balcony barriers with toned glass and dark wooden railing.
The buildings are planned to have six floors and a flat roof and will be constructed from prefabricated reinforced concrete elements. The ground floor is planned to have technical rooms, storage spaces, and a shared space for storing bicycles. The entrance of the building will have an awning.
Energy efficiency: thanks to the materials used in construction, the technical solutions, and the chosen utility systems, the calculated energy label of the apartment buildings will be class B.


  • Supporting structure – prefabricated reinforced concrete elements.
  • External walls – three-layered reinforced concrete panels.
  • Roof – a flat roof with very good thermal insulation.
  • Ceilings – mostly prefabricated reinforced concrete hollow panels; only apartments with two floors will have ceilings of monolithic reinforced concrete. The floor construction will have a sound absorbing interlayer.
  • Stairs – prefabricated reinforced concrete stairs covered with ceramic tiles.
  • Balconies – the balconies are constructed from reinforced concrete elements. The front section of the balcony will have a dark glass barrier and the sides will have a dark wooden railing.
  • xterior doors of the apartments – veneered fire-proof wooden doors.
  • Windows – energy efficient PVC windows with triple layered selective insulated glass. Interior walls – to ensure the required soundproofing level, the walls between different apartments are made from reinforced concrete panels. The walls inside the apartments are made from strong dry wall with steel profiles.

Storage spaces: practical storage spaces are located on the ground floors of the buildings and are available for every apartment. In addition, there is a shared space for storing bicycles.
Elevators: the apartment buildings are planned to have elevators which will ensure convenient access to every floor.
Heating: district heating ensures a warm home. Every apartment has radiators equipped with thermostats and the temperature of the radiators can be comfortably and easily regulated.
Ventilation: every apartment has forced ventilation with an apartment-based heat recovery, which ensures the necessary 24-hour ventilation. The ventilation aggregate is located in the bathroom or in the utility room and it is possible to control it with a digital remote control.

Electrical supply and low voltage

All rooms have at least two power sockets and one internet socket.
Living rooms have at least two power sockets with an internet socket (connection point for the TV).
Bathrooms have power sockets for washing machines and two power sockets next to the sink.
There is LED ceiling lighting in rooms with a suspended ceiling (wardrobe, bathroom and the hallway).
Optical data communication cabling will be installed between the low voltage electrical power panel of the building and the low voltage electrical power panel of the apartments; this will allow the residents to join tele communication service providers.
The intercom system is equipped with a coloured monitor which shows the front door of the building.
It is possible to equip the apartments with an alarm system and the exterior doors of the apartments have a door magnet. In addition, the ground floor apartments can be equipped with motion sensors.
Remotely checkable electricity meters are located in the electrical control panel room. Water supply: the water meters are remotely checkable.

Outside area

A playground with a play city, sandbox, a swing with two seats, and a seesaw will be created for children outside. In addition, benches will be installed to the area and the area will be lighted with cosy lighting when its dark outside.
Ten spots for bicycles are planned under the awnings of both buildings and ten additional spots will be located next to the sidewalk near the entrance.

For safety, the area of the Mäepealse 27 and 29 property facing the road is enclosed with a fence. An outer parking lot with a gate will be constructed for cars.